What Causes Heart Disease the Cholesterol Myth.

What Causes Heart Disease? How Atherosclerosis Begins
Cardiovascular disease begins when the walls of your arteries and the cholesterol in your blood are damaged by free radicals and oxidative stress. Damaged cholesterol molecules stick to the walls of your arteries, and each other, eventually clogging the artery and causing a heart attack. It doesn’t matter how much, or how little, cholesterol there is in your blood. Once the cholesterol becomes oxidized, your body will send more cholesterol to the damaged area in an attempt to repair the damage, and plaque deposits begin. As these plaque deposits grow, the artery becomes narrower and stiffer, diminishing the flow of blood to the heart. If the artery becomes so clogged that it becomes completely blocked, you have a heart attack. Cholesterol-reducing drugs may lower the amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream, but they will not protect it from oxidation.

What Causes Heart Disease? Atherosclerosis Starts Early in Life
Atherosclerosis probably started to form in your body when you were still young. The entire process is slow and insidious, and often doesn’t have symptoms. Some people with blocked coronary arteries develop angina. When they exert themselves, their stiff, narrowed arteries can’t expand enough to increase the flow of blood to the heart. The result is severe, sometimes disabling, chest pain.
Atherosclerosis can also affect other parts of your body, as well. If an artery in your brain is blocked, you could have a stroke. If the arteries leading to any of your organs are blocked, that organ could fail. If the blockage is in the arteries in your legs, that could lead to muscle cramps or artery diseases such as phlebitis.

What Causes Heart Disease? Oxidative Stress.
Rather than worry about your cholesterol levels, you really need to work at lowering inflammation and oxidative stress.
Sources of oxidative stress, and the free radical reaction that causes it, fall into the following general categories:
environmental toxins and pollution
pesticides and herbicides
emotional stress
strenuous exercise
chronic illnesses
processed foods and food additives
chronic inflammation
ultraviolet radiation from the sun
electromagnetic radiation in your environment

The Secrets To Acne Free In 3 Days

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Secret 1: Eat absolutely nothing but apples for 3 days

A Simple Cross Necklace; A Complex History

Religions around the world use symbols and signs to represent their faith. But perhaps none is so widely recognized or accepted as that of the simple cross. Christians have valued the significance of the cross for centuries. It is a representation of their beliefs that Jesus Christ died on the cross.

Crux immissa, or crux capitata, is the cross that is in the Latin design. This cross depicts the transverse beam set at about 2/3 up the vertical. The Greek cross has the transverse beam set half-way up the vertical. It has been adopted by the East and by Russia.

Crosses have played important roles in the architectural and decorative designs of church buildings since at least the fourth century. However, over the years many forms of the cross design have developed. Some are very simple and others are elaborate.

Silica Is The Best Remedy Against Anti-aging, Hair Loss And Weak Bones

Silica is quite a mysterious mineral for the average person. This is totally incredible due to the fact just what it does for the human body is very close to a wonder. Silica, also referred to as silicon, is usually a mixture of silicon and oxygen, 2 of the most prevalent components on the globe. It happens to be in the grass the plants feeding on creatures eat, and that’s why these animals hold a large amount of silica and the animals eating meat have a smaller amount. Silica can be found in leafy vegetables, onions and whole grain products.

While you were a youngster, you possessed a good amount of this mineral and that is the reason why children have lovely smooth hair, skin and fingernails. Silica is crucial for bone development and growth, as well as a large quantity in this mineral harmonizes with magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and boron. It stimulates solid bone tissues and teeth. People are built with plenty of silica and a reduced quantity of calcium, however as we grow older, we suffer a loss of silica and gain extra calcium.

Calcium requires silica (along with the previously discussed minerals) to become assimilated into the bloodstream, so if you’re looking to manage a insufficiency, you will not manage to deal with it by using only calcium. A silica insufficiency brings on the calcium insufficiency. In many scientific studies carried out with brittle bones, it has been revealed that individuals with increased calcium recovered slowly, while the ones having reduced calcium and substantial amounts of silica recovered quickly. It provides also help in curing burns successfully.

Acne Cure And Treatment, Get A Clear Skin Now!

Acne is the bane of adolescence which may overshadow your adulthood. Acne a skin condition, that causes pimple and skin irritation is common in teenagers and young adults. Acne primarily appears in the oil producing regions of the body like the face, the chest and the back. It is also noticeable on upper arms and neck. If acne is left untreated, it can develop into scars that may be difficult to go away. There are two types of acne: non inflammatory-blackheads and white, and inflammatory which are in the form of red blemishes which may or may not have pus in them.

Why does acne appear: There are three reasons for acne to appear:

1. Bacteria: Propionibacterium, a bacteria which thrives on the skin is the major cause of acne.

Scalp Acne

acne is a skin disease that occurs in any spot of the body plus the scalp. Some bags of scalp acne are now mutual with a great number of people who are unnatural by it. Well, scalp acne is just a new form of acne. It plainly appears on the scalp and is caused by the same factors as to that of the facial acne.

In generally, scalp acne is scientifically known as scalp folliculitis, which is an inflammatory disorder of the curls follicles in the scalp. It is now mutually known as acne necrotica miliaris or Proprionibacterium acne folliculitis. Just like some of the average acnes, the scalp acne is actually characterized by small pustules inside the scalp. Many of its victims have prominent that scalp acne is truly scratchy and regularly troublesome on the forward curlsline. There are also some bags that have revealed scalp acne that disagree from a small number of lesions to various. And, while they are located on the beginning and very scratchy, many of its victims have prominent that scalp acne is hard to cause solitary. There are even some instances that this train becomes sore and thick.

The scalp acne may take a few weeks to sunny up. Certain studies have also revealed that the scalp acne seems to renovate and form especially during period of high stress or when the scalp is oilier than habitual. There are even some studies which show that scalp acne occurs if you sanctuaryt laundered your curls as regularly as customary or when you are applying curls-heed food with a great total of oil.