Are Parents The Cause Of Teen Suicide

What drives a teenager to commit suicide? Is a dysfunctional family the cause of teen suicide or is it the peer pressure, low self-esteem, stress, access to drugs, guns, or an unyielding desire to make the pain disappear. Teenage suicide has and is becoming a pandemic in our country and around the world.

According to the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center, “teen suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers — almost 2,000 teens kill themselves each year.” It is estimated that “over 90% of teen suicide victims have a mental disorder, such as depression, and/or a history of alcohol or drug abuse.”

Our youth has become entrenched in an ideology doled out by those who seek to control, persuade, and coerce our teenagers. At the same time, communication between parent and child has become, in most situations, non-existent. This leaves teenagers to fend for themselves in areas they are too immature to understand, or too eager to become engaged in activities which can lead them astray.

Treatment Of Vital Pulp Conditions

A multitude of harmful elements, alone or in combination, may cause adverse reactions in the dental pulp under clinical conditions . If not properly managed they may result in:

painful pulpitis
pulp tissue breakdown
root canal infection, leading to periapical inflammatory lesion .

These effects are the result of inflammation and associated tissue destruction. Tissue destruction per se is a basic feature of inflammation in general and is a means by which the host carries out an effective defense against foreign matter, including bacteria and bacterial elements. However, as far as the pulp is concerned it can be devastating and result in total breakdown of the tissue.

Know More About The Ischaemic Heart Disease

The heart is one of the most important organs and holds the job of pumping blood to other organs. Ischaemic heart disease also referred to as myocardial Ischemic is a heart disease that affect the way how the blood goes to the heart. Ischaemic heart disease occurs when there is a plaque formation that restricts the arteries from sending precious blood and oxygen to the heart. The heart becomes affected when there is not enough in the blood circulation to the heart muscle which injures the heart muscle. Ischaemic heart disease has become one of the leading causes of death in the western hemisphere.

Ischaemic heart disease is very unlikely to show any signs in its first when it starts to take effect however, produces various symptoms can be seen based on the codition of the disease when it is diagnosed. Some the most identifiable symptoms are acute chest pain and angina prectoris. Acute chest pain can be described as an extreme pain felt in chest and is dealt with an emergency situation.

Angina precoris causes persons to feel chest pain behind the breast bone or slightly to the left of the chest, there may also be a crushing sensation, squeezing or heavy pressure spreading to the jaw, back, shoulder or event the arms. This symptom also causes indigestion, light headedness, vomiting, shortness of the breath. Its a possibility that angina precoris will not show any of these symptoms even when in effect; this is known as silent ischaemia. Ischaemic Heart Disease can also lead to heart failure gradually over time. Heavy coughing, shortness of breath with after resting or while exercising, fatigue, loss of appetite, irregular pulse, swelling of the ankles and feet are all signs that a heart failure may be impending.

Tej Kohli Foundation Works To Provide Healthcare To India’s Poorest People

A recent review of public healthcare spending indicates that India ranks 171 out of 175 countries in the amount of money spent. India spends less than 5.2 percent of the GDP – 4.3 percent is contributed by the private sector leaving the government to spend only 0.9 percent on public healthcare.

While India has made great economic strides over the past decade, it is still the poorest country in the world with 51 percent of its population or 844 million people living in oppressive poverty. While the economic development of the country is proceeding at a sound pace, the health of the population is dropping. The urgent need to provide basic healthcare to India’s most impoverished people is a concern of many different humanitarian and religious relief groups.

The Tej Kohli Foundation, a privately funded non-profit humanitarian relief organization based in Guragaon, India, is one of the many charities offering aid and assistance to thousands of India’s poorest children. Compelled by an awareness of the need and by a heartfelt desire to help make the world a healthier, happier place, India born entrepreneur Tej Kohli established the foundation in 2005. Entirely financially funded by Mr. Kohli, the Tej Kohli Foundation attempts to lift the burden of poverty by providing food, educational opportunities, clean drinking water, adequate sanitation and medical services to India’s poorest people.

Isometric Exercise Combined With Healthy Nutrition

What’s The Best Weight Loss Program?

Summary: How can anyone know what to believe, with all the grandiose claims made by so many different weight loss programs? The answer can be found in the definition of your goals – and if those goals are the loss of weight and inches, increased flexibility and agility, more effective breathing and renewed vigor and energy – all without suffering aching, painful muscles or an exorbitant outlay of time and money – then isometrics is the exercise for you.

Anyone considering embarking on a fitness/weight-loss program today has an unprecedented number of options from which to choose. Yet experience (and market research) have shown that most programs are abandoned within the first month – so clearly, choosing the right program – the one that will work for you – is a challenge that requires some thought and study.

Healthcare Database And Its Benefits

Healthcare is the treatment and prevention of disease, diagnosis, injury, illness and other mental impairments and physical in humans. Health care is delivered by practitioners in nursing, dentistry, medicine, chiropractic, allied health and pharmacy.

Health differs from Men to Women. There are different types of health which are Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Kid’s Health and Mental Health. The treatment differs for Men, Women and Kids.

There are three different types of healthcare providers: